Last Legs

Friday: You will continue working on the practice Regents Exam assigned through Castle Learning. You may also work on any of the assignments contained in the following checklist:

The portfolio-based assignment indicated on that checklist will be explained in class. It is due in two parts; the first is due Monday, and the second is due by Wednesday.

Monday: You will be given feedback on your practice Regents Exam. You will hand in any revisions of the critical lens responses. Then you will finish organizing your portfolios for next year. Refer to the checklist above for what that portfolio work entails. Note also that there are a few optional assignments that can boost your score and your learning here at the end of the year.

Tuesday: You will take the Regents Exam at 8:15 AM in the gym. You already have a copy of the format and instructions on how to prepare; if it helps, here is a link to January’s examArrive on time, and bring a pen.


Q3 Grades: Last Gasps

As you look over the final Q3 adversarial grades, you may notice that some of your portfolios and essays from the end of this quarter have been scored and entered into the system. As the rest of these scores are entered over the next two days, keep the following two things in mind:

  1. You will get typed feedback on your submissions on Monday.
  2. You will be asked to get that feedback signed Monday night by a parent or guardian.

If you complete #2, you will receive 25/25 points on an assignment for Q3. This is optional, but it will boost your current final average by about two points. It’s one last opportunity to improve your grade before report cards go home, but there will be no late signatures accepted. The fourth quarter has already started, after all; I am trying to sneak in a last grade by appealing to the Skinnerian rat in all of you. (Hence the bolded phrases.)

Let me know if you have any questions after we meet up on Monday.