Due Dates

Due 6/17: All optional revision work

Due 6/12: Writing Portfolio Cover Sheet

Due 6/10: Writing Portfolios

Due 6/10: Optional revisions of the critical lens essay

Due 6/10: Practice Regents Exam (Castle Learning)

Due 6/3: Castle Learning assignments (Regents review)

Due 5/24: Finish student-choice book

Due 5/20—5/23: Research-driven essay

Due 4/28: Castle Learning assignments (x2)

Due 4/23: Q4 free-read book choice

Due 4/15: Collaborative Literary Analysis Essay

Due 4/5: Q3 Writing Portfolio Redux

Due 3/22: Q3 Writing Portfolio: Revised Modes of Discourse

Due 3/18: The Invisible Man, Chapter 28-Epilogue

Due 3/15: Signed progress reports as outlined here

Due 3/13: The Invisible Man, Chapter 27

Due 3/12: The Invisible Man, Chapter 26

Due 2/28: The Invisible Man, Chapters 8-13

Due 2/20: The narrative essay outlined here

Due 2/20: The Invisible Man, Chapters 1-7

Due 2/12: The essential question work outlined here

Due 2/11: The expository background research outlined here

Due 1/28: Argument revisions

Due 1/22: Midterm examination

Due 1/18: Score justifications for argument revision exemplars

Due 1/4: All submission and metacognition requirements described in this post

Due 1/2: SOAPSTONE outline of argument essay; argument essay: final copy

Due 12/21: SOAPSTONE outline due for in-class credit

Due 12/20: Be sure that you’ve read the feedback posted on 12/19

Due 12/11: The seven-step metacognitive writing outlined in this post

Due 12/3 – 12/11: In-class reflection and metacognition on the four parts of the “Owl Creek” test; if you are absent, speak to me immediately upon your return

Due 11/28: Be sure that you have watched the film version of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

Due 11/26: Be sure that you have taken care of everything outlined in this post

Due 11/20: Have your Q1 score report signed; complete the accompanying writing response

Due 11/14*: Complete the essay-writing assignment given on Friday
*Pushed back from 11/13

Due 11/7: Read every link and document in this feedback post

Due 10/27: Finish any and all online adversarial augmentation for the week

Due 10/23: Be sure that you’ve prepared answers to these adversarial questions on Dante

Due 10/16: Finish answering these essential questions

Due 10/10: Follow these directions to print a copy of your narrative essay

Due 10/4: Essay: group comments through Google Docs

Due 10/3: Essay: 55-word draft

Due 10/2: Essay: story outline

Due 10/1: Be able to explain all three parts of your first essay prompt in your own words

Due 9/28: Finish adding comments to the online adversarial on our model 55-fiction narratives

Due 9/25: Verify your login for Google Docs by following the directions here

Due 9/24: Read and annotate the first eight stories in this post

Due 9/20: Read this post and complete a narrative outline for the six-word short story by Hemingway; optionally, select more six-word short stories for discussion from the posted lists

Due 9/10: Read the first post; register for the site; complete and sign the student information sheet