Last Legs

Friday: You will continue working on the practice Regents Exam assigned through Castle Learning. You may also work on any of the assignments contained in the following checklist:

The portfolio-based assignment indicated on that checklist will be explained in class. It is due in two parts; the first is due Monday, and the second is due by Wednesday.

Monday: You will be given feedback on your practice Regents Exam. You will hand in any revisions of the critical lens responses. Then you will finish organizing your portfolios for next year. Refer to the checklist above for what that portfolio work entails. Note also that there are a few optional assignments that can boost your score and your learning here at the end of the year.

Tuesday: You will take the Regents Exam at 8:15 AM in the gym. You already have a copy of the format and instructions on how to prepare; if it helps, here is a link to January’s examArrive on time, and bring a pen.


Works of Literary Merit

Before joining this adversarial discussion, be sure that you’ve read the material in the last post very, very carefully. Also be sure that you’ve picked up the Regents Exam packet distributed on May 28; copies of that packet will not be made available online, although you will be able to pick up extras at any point in class.

Also note that there is a writing assignment at the end of this post. It is the same one given to you in class on Wednesday the 29th; check back here to be sure that you understand what you must do by the end of the day on Friday.

Have your Regents Exam packet handy as you read this post. Notice that the scoring grid in the packet splits the exam into two sections: multiple-choice questions and writing prompts. You will be practicing the multiple-choice all week through Castle Learning, where you will find a new set of assignments starting today. (You should be finishing the batch assigned to you in early May, as well.) For the writing portion, we’ll start with the lone essay: the critical lens.

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Castle Learning

Toward the end of the year, in mid-June, you will take the New York State Comprehensive English Regents Examination. You must pass this test to graduate. If you would like to see what the test might look like, check here. If you would like to know what I think of the test, check here. This post assumes that your real interest is in passing.

You’ll prepare for this exam while practicing the sort of independent and student-driven learning we actually believe in. To do this, we need Castle Learning. The assignment parameters and schedule are below; check them over, speak to me, and begin.

Note: The Regents Exam itself does not affect your GPA, nor is it part of this year’s English average. You will, however, be scored on the Castle Learning assignments you are given.


These links walk you through the site itself, if you haven’t already used it in another class. I will also help you to get started. If you have never used the site, here are your directions:

  1. Go to Castle Learning.
  2. Type in your ID  in the appropriate box under “Sign into Castle Learning Online.” Your ID:  brew.studentidentificationnumber (padded on the left with 0’s so that your ID is 9 digits. (ex:  brew.009123456)
  3. Skip the password field.
  4. Click the sign-in button.
  5. Follow the steps to choose a password & click “Submit.” All users should sign in and set a password as soon as possible in order to protect their accounts.
  6. Under “Your Classes,” click on the link for our class.


On April 5, you will be assigned one set of ten questions to answer as an introduction to Castle Learning (whether or not you’ve used it before). After that, you will be given all of the Castle Learning assignments for Q4 at once. Your job is to complete the work when you can, taking your time and addressing each task to the best of your ability. Castle Learning keeps track of how long you spend on each assignment, how many answers you get correct, and more; do this seriously, and you will not run into any trouble.


You will receive the average of all of these Castle Learning assignments as part of Q4. More information will be given in class about budgeting your time and avoiding a rush at the end of the year.