Reminder: Final Exam

This is a reminder that will also be shared with you over email and through Infinite Campus: Your final exam begins on Monday, June 3, and runs through Thursday, June 6. You have been given the structure and focus of this exam a few times, most notably with the end-of-year calendar attached to your end-of-year contracts, so this will only briefly review what to expect:

  1. Each day, you will be given  set of passages to read. These texts may be prose or poetry.
  2. After you’ve read the passages, you will answer a series of multiple-choice questions on the passages. These questions will cover main ideas, literary elements and techniques, and inference.

Remember that you’ve been practicing indirectly for this exam since September; all of the close reading and critical thinking we’ve done has inculcated the skills you’ll need. In addition, you should have been practicing more directly for the last month, because the Castle Learning exercises assigned to you function as both Regents Exam prep and prep for our final exam.

That’s not enough, however. You were given at the beginning of this week a last assignment to help you practice and prepare for Monday: another set of Castle Learning exercises on critical reading. Complete this last set of eight exercises before Monday’s exam, and you should be more than prepared for the week. This is also an assignment for Q4, so you’ll be rewarded twice for your hard work.

Note that if you are prepared, you will probably also have time from Monday through Thursday to work on your other end-of-year assignments in class, including an optional critical lens revision, the optional research-driven revision, the online adversarial, and a practice Regents Exam (which will be assigned next week). Otherwise, you’ll be finishing your final exam in class and completing these other assignments as homework.

Send me an email with any questions or concerns, and good luck.


Midterm: Overview and Reading

Note: You will receive a copy of this information, including the passages, in class on Monday the 14th.

Date/Time of Midterm: Tuesday, January 22 | 8AM

Rooms: 153 (Period 2), 154 (Period 7)


Your midterm in English 10 will consist of the following:

  1. Reading and annotating six paired passages
  2. Answering questions about each passage
  3. Writing an analytical essay about one pair of passages

Click below to load the texts you must read:

Annotations are not required, but you are strongly encouraged to write on your copy of these passages and poems. You will be able to use your prepared notes on the day of the exam. You will also be able to use the following document:

This is a copy of our literary analysis work from earlier in the year. Another copy will be given to you in class on Monday the 14th.

On the day of the exam, you will be given questions about each of the texts you’ve read. You will analyze the author’s purpose and how he or she achieves it. Note again that you will be able to use your annotations and that handout; you can prepare over the next week to address any and all questions you have about these poems and passages. If you do this, the questions will be straightforward. Then you will be able to write an analytical essay that compares the paired texts.

To review for this midterm, you should revisit the lessons from this semester that cover these same skills:

You have prepared to analyze passages like this all year. Take your time over the next week, and you should be fine. Waste your time, you will struggle.