Rudimentary Reader Response: Adversarial

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Before doing anything else, be sure you’ve carefully read the directions for the adversarial that are outlined in the previous post.

Now use the comments section below to earn points while exploring your Q4 books. Be clear in your choices, and continue to revisit this post to see what your peers have to say.


45 thoughts on “Rudimentary Reader Response: Adversarial

  1. I read the novel “The Killer Angels” by Micheal Shaara. The novel speaks about the Battle of Gettysburg. The battle is considered to be one of the most prolific in the history of the Civil War. The novel is truly a fantastic read.

    • Does the novel just focus on the war scene or the time frame of the battle. Like what caused the war and the results of the war?

    • What genre would you say that this novel is? Is it a story of accounts or is it like a diary, or first person type of novel that was written by someone that was actually there?

    • I find this book to be interesting describing one of the biggest battles in american history from both the confederate and union side. It must have been interesting to see the differences in the way both sides viewed the war

  2. I started my book “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë, but I never finished. I lost track of time and I got lost reading this book. It was confusing and I had a hard time understanding the storyline. Also, my time management was poorly planned. I spent more time on the essay than I did on the book. I would recommend this book to those who like a reading challenge and to those who have a higher reading level.

    • Although you never completed the book, what are some things that you actually read about? Basically what was your read supposed to be about?

      • If you don’t finish a book It does not mean you do not know what the book is about. In my book I was not able to read the whole thing. I had to skip some sections but in the end I completely knew what the book was about.

        • I didn’t read enough of the book to know what it was about. “Wuthering Heights” is a book with a high reading level. But, not understanding the book wasn’t the only reason that I didn’t finish the book. As I said before, my time management was poorly planned. I focused on the essay more than my book.

  3. I chose to read the book The Diary of Anne Frank, I loved it! it was so sad, and I don’t want to spoil anything if you have not read it but the reason why i chose to read it was Rachel Scott is my role model and while learning about Rachel i found out Anne is her role model and I wanted to know why. Since I finished reading the diary/book she to is my role model. she was a 13 year old who although everything was going wrong and she felt as though she had no one to talk to she managed to keep her head up. I hope that if and when everything in my life is going wrong I could be like Anne and find someway to keep my head up till everything is solved. I recomend this book to all!

    • Kim,
      I thinks its nice to read a book because you saw something that relates to it. It’s always a plus to have background info on a book and a reason to read it. You recommended that I read this book even before you read it. But now that I see you liked the book and learned a lot from it, I want to read it too! But I have a question for you… there any other reason you read this book other than the reason you gave?

      • Yes another reason is because i like to hear people’s story of how they survived the holocaust/ stories on how it was for them to live through such a horrible time

        • I think this was a perfect book for you to read. It’s very important to read a book that you are interested in because if you have no interest in it at all, you won’t be able to understand it and pick out key details. If you still have the book, can I borrow it? I am interested in it and would like to read it!! :)

  4. I chose to read “Moby Dick” to be honest it is not very easy to explain due to the difficulty of the book but the book explicitly describes the life of a Whale Hunter who spends his life hunting a whale and risks his life to do so. Through his harsh journey he encounters grave dangers but also creates many friends. Moby DIck is a classic novel. I am just about to finish it. Yes, it is a long book but if you are willing to define words in the dictionary and skip parts that you feel are unnecessary to read the book should be fun and interesting. I love the book. If you have the time and dedication you will love the book.

    • This book is very famous and people who read it always rave about it, yet it still has not caught my attention. What about this book sparked an interest in you? Also, What kept you hooked, and what made you skip the parts that you feel were unnecessary?

    • I have always heard about this book and it never really jumped out at me as a book i wanted to read especially the length. How much of the book did you skip? Also do you feel like you still understood what was going on even though you had just skipped the part before?

  5. I have heard great things about your novel Kim. Great Choice! I hope to read it in the future.

    John, why did you chose to read such an intense, comprehensive novel? Great selection, just curious to know. I have never read the book myself.

    • It just came into my mind. I narrowed my search starting with reading a story about a ocean setting and I also wanted to read a book that was challenging. I knew Moby Dick is a very hard book but I was willing to put in the work to read and comprehend the book. It turned out to be a good choice.

      • I have heard many good things about this book, obviously it’s a famous piece of writing. I may be interested in picking this book up some time and reading it, even though it is a long read. Thanks for the suggestion, John.

    • Thank you and add me to the list of people who has said good thing of the novel, i enjoyed it and if you read it, you to may enjoy it!

  6. I ended up reading, “I Am Legend” a novel based on a vampiric apocalypse and the last man on Earth, Robert Neville. Most of the chapters for the beginning was a basic everyday life but with an apocalypse built in. He had to basically make his house a bomb shelter by nailing wooden planks to the doors and surrounding himself with a soundproof shield. Not only did this help but he was immune to the disease. Now you’d think he was doing the right thing by fighting off hordes to protect himself but when he meets another human being, Ruth, things go downhill from there. Just read for yourself.

    • Almost everyone has saw the movie so far, the question I have in mind is the book like the movie? I really enjoyed the movie, but if the book was better, then I would be sure to read it. Thanks for any comments in advance.

    • Was this the book that the movie with Will Smith was based off of? What level of reading do you say it would be? Was it at all difficult to understand or comprehend?

      • Replying to both Nic and Devon, the movie was developed because of this 1954 novel and what I have heard is that the movie isn’t like the novel. I have never seen the movie which I plan on doing soon but I have also been told the book is better than the movie. Since the book, for the first 10-12 chapters, is a normal, basic day in the life of Neville with an apocalypse built around it, it starts to pick up and become more intense until you close the book. There are certain parts with a lot of flashbacks to make it more interesting but overall it is a great book.

        • Thanks for the feedback, I’ll definitely pick up a copy of the book then because the movie was quite enjoyable.

          • And I will have to rent the movie sometime. It’s always good to see those differences and have a better concept of the novel.

  7. I read the book Red China Blues by Jan Wong. The book started off with a description of Mao Zedong, and why she wanted to go to China. Once she goes to China she begins to see communism at work. At first she looked at the harshly controlled society and thought it was running nice and smoothly, but later on she starts to notice flaws in the society. She notices that some people are being treated “more equally” than others, in a society that claims everyone is equal. As the book goes on it shows how Jan slowly started leaning towards a more western world style government, or a democracy. The book is great and I think anyone who is interested in Government should really read this.

    • I like how the book really shows that you don’t really know what is good for you until you live through it. She did eventually learn that the government was basically corrupt and there was a better way of going about government.

      • i agree, you cant speak speak or judge a type of government till you have expirienced what it is like to live through it!

    • This book sounds interesting how she first saw the government as good and running smoothly but then saw the flaws. Do you thing she will do the same with our type government, think its good but then see its flaws?

  8. I read the book “Decoded” by Shawn Carter, or more known for his stage name ‘Jay-Z’. This book was about his life as a child growing up in Brooklyn to his current every day life. The central idea of this book is to have an older generation’s point of view on a life style of crime, hustling, ect. One essential question that came to my mind is, “does the end justify the means?”. What I mean by this, is, it worth doing bad things along the way to achieve one great goal? The author goes into almost every single important event in his life that revolves around this essential question. He uses a casual but friendly tone towards the reader as if he was speaking to you in real life. This book was an amazing read, I do suggest it to anyone who want’s a biography on Jay-Z.

    • I’ve read this book and others similar to it in the past, it indeed is a good read especially if you’re into hip-hop or rap. He isn’t the only artist that started out nowhere and got famous quickly, there are many others like him and I believe it truly shows if you stick to your dream it can become reality.

  9. I read the book Alex Rider: Stormbreaker. I loved it. It was exciting and action packed, it kept me guessing until the end. The villains or the antagonists are great and really vivid. When I saw the movie of the book they were portrayed the same way they were in the book. And the protagonist, Alex, is a really relatable character. A good read!

  10. I chose to read the book “Eragon” by Chris Paolini. It was suggested to me by a friend of mine and it is actually really interesting if you’re into reading about fictional adventure, it is somewhat of a difficult read in the sense that the author creates countless different languages that really don’t exist. It was interesting to me because the author was very young when he wrote this, around our age, and his imagination is so vast. If you’re into the kind of lore about dragons and medieval times then this would be a great book to read.

    • I have read “Eragon” a couple of years ago, but I did not get very far since it was such a difficult read for me back then. I also saw the movie and was wondering if you did too, and if so how similar are the movie and the book? I also know that there are three or four more books, so do you think you will finish the series or at least continue? If not why?

      • I’ve already finished the series, I believe overall they’re all very well written books and they’re really interesting with many unexpected plot twists. I also really enjoy the sequals to Eragon because Chris Paolini has certain chapters in different point of views which is really interesting because you can see every side to a story this way and its a style of writing you don’t see too often. Also, the movie is somewhat similar in the general details but is very different in the sense that it skips over many things that are rather significant events in the book.

  11. John, the book recalls the three days of the battle from July 1-3, 1865. The novel is written from both Union and Confederate points of view. Since we live in the “North” the war generally described from a Union point of view. The novel was so intriguing because of the Confederate point of view intertwined with Union. The book is a moderately difficult read.

  12. Do any of you feel like your 4th quarter reading choice was one of the best novels you’ve ever read or possibly even the best?

    • yeah I feel that it was one of the better books ive read maybe it has to do with teachers making us hate reading.

  13. I read Love,Lucy, an Autobiography written by Lucille Ball. This book was one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It was about her struggles as an actress and how she rose above everyones taunts and insults. Lucille Ball is an amazing actress and is still remembered today. I definitely recommend this book to not just people interested in Lucille Ball, but to people interested in the struggles of actors and actresses in the entertainment industry. I plan on reading other books about her and many other famous people.

  14. I read the book “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks. This book is about Protection from the living dead. The author tells you every thing you need to know about how to survive zombies in incredible detail. Max Brooks has done extensive research in writing this novel. He has thought about every thing from weapons to your clothing and hair. In this book Max Brooks dosent take the zombie Apocalypse as a joke at all he is very serious about what he says and believes that it is a matter of life or death.This book is full of little details that i would have never thought of when combating the living dead. I thought that this book was very good and I feel that I would have a good chance surviving the living dead. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a fear of zombies and wants to be prepared, and anyone else who wants to read it. I also plan on reading more of his other books such as “World War Z”.

  15. I read the novel “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemmingway.This book is looked at as quite a simple one, however, it can also be seen as very deep. This novel is a love story. Not a typical one however. There are many difficulties from affairs to beat downs. This is just another great book by Mr. Hemmingway.A great overall read and it was an enjoyable one as well.

  16. I read the novel “Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went from Street Corner to Corner Office” by Zack O’Malley Greenburg. This book is a biography about Jay-Z. Its a better choice to read because its a biography. Biographies are better because they give you deeper information than a non-fiction novel. I guess this novel\Jay-Z’s life relies a lot on ambition. Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something. Most of the time, it requires determination and hard work. Jay-Z actually went from street to office. His childhood was full of struggles. it wasn’t easy for him but at the end, all hard work pays off. I learned that good things never come easy. I rarely read because I seem to lose interest quickly, but when it comes to biographies, I love them because its all about reality. This book was really interesting and I would recommended it to everyone.

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