Collaborative Comparative Analysis: Invisible Men

Note: This assignment has been revamped as of Monday, April 8. It’s now significantly easier.

Assignment: Comparative Literary Analysis

Due Date: Monday, April 15

Google Drive Requirements

  • Choose a group of any size, or choose to work alone.
  • Open a Google Drive document and complete all of the essay, from start to finish, in this one document.
  • Share that document with me.

Other Submission Requirements

  • Follow our old protocol for this: Finish your Google Drive document, print a copy, and upload a copy to (when that window is opened on Friday). See the Resources page for the complete step-by-step guide.


  • 100 points: score on the content of the essay, including how well it follows the guide, according to the DAMAGES rubric; shared if done in a group
  • 100 points: optional individual revision of the group essay (you can also choose to accept the group essay grade)
  • 100 points: individual metacognitive writing: how the group essay mirrors the writing guide (see below)
  • 100 points: individual reflective writing: how the three days (Wednesday through Friday) were spent

*These point values are subject to change. Focus on the idea that you are working on collaborative writing; if the essay comes together well, you avoid having to revise, but you’ll still need to reflect and be metacognitive to justify the exercise.

Guides and Preparation

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Other Notes

  • There is no MLA requirement.
  • As you were told in class, this is intended to be a collaborative essay. You may work with a group of any size as long as you use Google Drive (and that Drive document tracks your collaborations).
  • You may, however, work alone.
  • You must follow the comparative essay guide given to you in class (and archived above).
  • You must use Google Drive to work on this collaborative essay.
  • You should coordinate and collaborate in class and over email, unless you are working alone.
  • Next week, you must give me a full account of your role in creating this essay. This reflective and metacognitive writing will be one of your major grades during Q4.


  • Monday | Read the essay assignment. Review the assignment with the teacher. Begin filling out the data sheets for the novel and film.
  • Tuesday | Finish filling out the data sheets. Review the essay guide. Begin thinking about what role you wish to play in the classroom.
  • Wednesday | Talk to your group, if you are using one, about the essay. Create a Google Drive document and share it. Begin writing.
  • Thursday | Continue typing. Keep track of the role you play. Follow the essay guide.
  • Friday | Continue typing. Keep track of the role you play. Follow the essay guide.
  • Saturday-Sunday | Finish over the weekend. Use email and the comments in Google Drive to coordinate your efforts.