Q3 Portfolios: Group Work and Google Drive

As you begin the revision process this week for your portfolios, you have one final decision to make: If you wish, you may work in groups to create a single portfolio or assignment. To do this, you must:

  1. Work equally on each essay response and formative writing assignment you revise.
  2. Prove that you have worked equally on each essay response and formative writing assignment you revise.

To prove that you have worked equally, you must use Google Drive. Complete all revision work in Drive; you must be able to pull up a revision history for the document that showcases each group member working equally to revise according to the feedback given to that particular response.

Here is how you access the revision history of a Google Drive document. You will also be required to submit a brief reflection that details exactly how the revision process was completed for this collaborative portfolio or assignment. Keep in mind what that “or” means: You can work together on all of the elements of the portfolio, one element, or a mixture; all you must do is track exactly what each member contributes.

What this requires of your group is a true collaboration. One student cannot do the revisions alone; if that happens, or if you are unable to pull up a revision history to prove that you have worked equally, then your portfolio or assignment will not be accepted. You will have to produce individual revisions of your individual originals, and you will suffer all late penalties that apply while you start over.

In other words, choose to work in a group very, very carefully. You will learn more from the experience, but it will take you a bit longer to prove the contributions of each member.

Individual students, by the way, will still need to complete a thorough reflection and metacognitive analysis of this portfolio; all an individual student avoids is the required proof through Google Drive that revision work was shared equally among all students.