Q3 Portfolios: Overview

Due Date: Any day between 3/18 and 3/22. All work is due in full before the end of the day on 3/22; no late work will be accepted after that point.

Requirements: Revised responses of the following work, submitted in the provided two-pocket folder. Each response must be typed, submitted in class and online, and, except for the narrative essay, absolutely no more than 500 words in length.

  1. “Santa Claus” essay (already revised)
  2. Expository essay
  3. Argument essay
  4. Literary analysis essay
  5. Narrative essay
  6. Formative work: The Invisible Man Ch. 4
  7. Formative work: The Invisible Man Ch. 9-11
  8. Formative work: The Invisible Man Ch. 25
  9. Formative work: The Invisible Man Ch. 26
  10. Formative work: The Invisible Man Ch. 27

Note: The formative work on The Invisible Man has been pushed off until the week of 3/18. Focus on revising the rest of the list above; you will not have to submit the work we do on Ch. 25-27 with your portfolios.

Process: You will have in-class lessons and online notes throughout this week (3/4—3/8). It is your responsibility to take these notes and use them to revise; when you are confused or require more help, it is your responsibility to conference with me in school or over email about your writing.

Starting Tuesday, March 5, you will need to read this website each day and take notes during each class in order to stay up-to-date. If you are absent, see me or a peer immediately. You cannot afford to fall behind in this process.

To aid you in this, you are being given the end-of-year rubric and guide:

Begin reading this now. Skim it first; then return to it as we study each of the revisions you must write over the next few weeks.

Scoring of drafts: Your first drafts will be returned to you with either a score out of 100 points (indicating effectiveness) or a score of +x/0, which will be added as a formative bonus to your overall point total this quarter. Read all feedback and descriptions carefully to understand which point system is being used.